Levels 1-3









Summer Intensive | Levels 1-3

August 5-9 from 9am-12pm (Monday-Friday)

Be ready to improve by leaps and bounds in just 1 week!  With three hours of dancing per day, this intensive is the equivalent to over a month of training during the school year.  Five back to back days of training will create strong muscle memories in these young dancers’ bodies.  Artistic Director, Becky Moore, and faculty member, Laura Branfield, look forward to working closely with each student.  Be ready to smile, to sweat, and to feel proud of yourself.  Stay tuned for a detailed daily schedule.

*This camp is designed for dancers who have completed at least two years of dance.  Students already enrolled at Columbia Dance will be notified by their current teacher on which level to enroll in for summer.





August 20-22, Tuesday-Thursday, 12:30-3:30pm


Ages 6-10


*For beginners / dancers new to ballet

Bring your best buddy and get ready to dance! Ballet is beautiful and bold—join us to discover classical ballet stories and learn about world-famous ballet dancers. We will also delve into the realms of creative movement and choreography. Waltz on over to Columbia Dance for a wonderful week!