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Children’s Classes (ages 3-7)                                         

Creative Dance III (age 3)     

Sat, 9:00-9:30 | Bartley

Creative Dance IV (age 4)     

Mon, 3:45-4:30 | A. Malcom

Thurs, 9:30-10:15 | R. Malcom

Sat, 9:30-10:15 | Bartley

Creative Dance V (age 5)      

Mon, 4:30-5:15| A. Malcom

Tues, 4:45-5:30 | Arroyo

Thurs, 4:30-5:15 | Witham

Sat, 10:15-11:00 | Bartley

Pre-Ballet (ages 6-7)  

Mon, 5:15-6:00 | A. Malcom

Tues,  5:30-6:15 | Arroyo

Sat, 11:00-11:45 | Bartley


Tues, 6:15-7:00 | Arroyo


Ballet (ages 7+)

Level I-A (1x week) Wed, 5:15-6:15 |  A. Malcom

Level I-B (2x week) Mon & Fri,  5:00-6:00 | Branfield

Level II-A (2x week) Tues & Thurs, 4:15-5:15 | Branfield

Level II-B (2x week) Tues & Thurs, 5:15-6:15 | Branfield

Level III (2x week)  Tues & Thurs, 4:15-5:45 | Hurst

Level III Pointe – Thurs, 6:15-6:45 | Branfield

Level IV-A (2x week) Mon & Fri, 6:15-7:45 | Branfield

Level IV A Pointe -Mon & Fri, 7:45-8:30 | Branfield

Level IV-B (2x week) Wed & Fri, 6:15-7:45 | Hurst

Level IV B Pointe -Wed & Fri, 7:45-8:45 | Hurst



Tues & Thurs, 5:45-7:15 | Hurst

Wed, 4:15-6:15 | Branfield

Sat, 9:00-11:00 | Hurst


Company Pointe 

Tues & Thurs, 7:15-8:15 | Hurst

Wed, 6:15-7:15 | Branfield

Sat, 11:00-12:00 | Hurst                           



Int/Adv Modern (ages 10+)     

Mon, 4:15-6:00 | Keylock


Hip Hop

Hip Hop I (ages 6-10)   

Fri, 6:00-7:00 | Ervin

Hip Hop II (ages 11+) 2x week

Mon & Fri, 7:00-8:00 (Fri)  &  7:30-8:30 (Mon) Ervin



Beg/Int Jazz (ages 7+)

Wed, 4:15-5:15 | A. Malcom

Adv Jazz (ages 9+) 

Fri, 4:30-6:00 | A. Malcom



Beg Lyrical (ages 7+)

Fri, 4:30-6:00 | Ervin

Int/Adv Lyrical (ages 10+)

Mon, 6:00-7:30 | Ervin



We encourage you to pre-register so that the first week of classes can begin smoothly. You may register on the first day of class if needed; but please plan to arrive 15 minutes before class in order to register and be ready for class on time. You may also download the registration form from our website and bring the completed form with you to the first class. We offer open enrollment and you may join classes at any time. If you begin part way through the month, tuition can be pro-rated.

Outstanding Balances: Students who carry an unpaid balance on their account for more than 60 days will not be allowed to participate in classes unless payment of the outstanding balance is made in full, or unless suitable arrangements have been made with the Office Manager and a good faith effort is being made to pay the balance. Also, students with an outstanding balance from the previous school year must pay their balance in full before registering for classes for the upcoming school year. If the balance cannot be paid in full, a suitable arrangement must be made for payment of the balance and a good faith effort must be made to pay the balance, and they must enroll in monthly autopay to stay current on present-year tuition.

Annual Registration Fee $35.00
Family Registration Fee $50.00

Upon registration all accounts are payable in full for the school year from August 2018 through June 2019 (10 months). Payments may be made for the full year (due Sept 1), in two semesters (due Sept 1 and Feb 1), or monthly (due the 1st of each month). We do offer a 5% family discount on classes. 

Students are expected to take classes for the 10 month school year.

Please note: It is our school policy that we are unable to offer tuition prorates or refunds for missed classes. Refunds will be made only in cases of prolonged illness, leave of absence, or physical disability. A letter from your physician will be required.

30 Minute Class $42.00
45 Minute Class $53.00
60 Minute Class $63.00
90 Minute Class $95.00
Two 60 Minute Classes $126.00
Two 90 Minute Classes $184.00
Unlimited Classes $320.00
Adult Class Card (18+) $72.00 for 6 classes; $120 for 10 classes | Single class drop-in fee: $15
We offer an initial Complimentary Placement Class for prospective students.

2018-2019 School Year begins: Wednesday, Aug 29th, 2018