School Policies

Class attendance: Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually all classes in which they are enrolled. Consistent attendance is critical to each student’s progress. Unlike an academic school where student’s normally move up a grade each year, in the study of classical ballet it is normal to remain in the same class for more than one year.

Dress Code: All students are expected to adhere to the following dress code:

  • Females: pink tights, colored leotards according to class level, pink ballet shoes, hair securely fastened back in a bun.
  • Men: black tights, white t-shirts, white socks, white or black ballet slippers.
  • Jazz classes: Solid colored leotard, tights or unitards, jazz shoes. Leg warmers, sweatpants, and jewelry may not be worn in class.

Tardiness: Students who enter class after it has begun may be asked to observe class that day. A late arrival does not allow a student sufficient time to warmup and therefore can be the cause of injuries. Additionally, late arrivals disrupt class concentration.

Policy Regarding Missed Classes: It is an act of courtesy to inform your teacher if you are unable to attend a lesson. Only classes missed due to illness may be made up. Make-up classes need to be approved and should be made up within two months.

Outstanding Balances: Outstanding Balances: Students who carry an unpaid balance on their account for more than 60 days will not be allowed to participate in classes unless payment of the outstanding balance is made in full, or unless suitable arrangements have been made with the Office Manager and a good faith effort is being made to pay the balance. Also, students with an outstanding balance from the previous school year must pay their balance in full before registering for classes for the upcoming school year. If the balance cannot be paid in full, a suitable arrangement must be made for payment of the balance and a good faith effort must be made to pay the balance, and they must enroll in monthly autopay to stay current on present-year tuition.

Inclement Weather Days: Columbia Dance Center follows the Vancouver School District policy for closure due to inclement weather. Please call the studio to check if you are uncertain.

Parents Observation Weeks: We have found from experience that students make better progress without parents in the studio. Parents and friends are invited to observe classes three times a year during Parent’s Observation Week.

Performances: All students have the opportunity to perform at the end of the year in our Annual School Performance. All currently enrolled students aged 7 and up are invited to audition for the Nutcracker, performed in December.

Injuries: It is important to inform the student’s teacher before class begins of any injuries that may affect his/her ability to perform in class .

Conferences: Students and parents are welcome to call the School anytime they have questions or concerns. Conferences with faculty can be arranged at any time. Teachers are often scheduled to teach consecutive classes; instead of talking with faculty members after class, please schedule a separate meeting or phone conference time.

Notices & Messages: Important school notices and schedules are posted on the School bulletin board in the lobby. Students are responsible for checking the board regularly.

Lost and Found: Lost and found baskets can be found in the lobby. Clearly labeled clothing and shoes help to prevent the loss of articles. Please do not leave valuables unattended; you may bring them into the studio with you during class.

Observed Holidays: Columbia Dance Center follows the Vancouver School District policy for closure due to inclement weather only. Though we occasionally close for observed holidays, we do not follow all school holiday closures. Please see our Columbia Dance School Calendar for information on our school closures.