Announcing our 2015 Children’s Classes!

In 2015-2016, we will continue to incorporate Anne Green Gilbert’s “Brain Compatible Dance Education”  in our Children’s curriculum. According to Ms. Gilbert, “All human beings first learn through movement.  Movement can and should remain an integral component of the learning process throughout the lifespan.  Studies show…dance and music and art and drama make kids better students and better people…Let art borrow some brain.  It’ll return it in better condition.”

Adding to the curriculum of Anne Green Gilbert, Columbia Dance is fortunate to have the expertise of Maeve Dougal.  Ms. Dougal, a Columbia Dance Alumni, is currently the Director of Ballet at the Mason Gross Extension Division at Rutgers University, which is an ABT  (American Ballet Theater) Certified School. She is also an ABT National Training Curriculum Affiliate Teacher. Ms. Dougal has graciously offered  ‘In-service Training sessions’  with our children’s class teachers and will be an ongoing source for information in the coming year. This year, we will have 4 teachers for our Children’s Classes. Each scheduled class session/time will have a regularly assigned teacher throughout the school year.  For example: Creative Dance III on Wednesday at 3:15 will have teacher ‘Sally’ scheduled to teach their class for the entire school year.

All teachers will receive monthly curriculum and  training sessions directed by Children’s Curriculum Supervisor Rebecca Malcom, with the assistance of Artistic Director/ Director of the School Jan Hurst.  Mrs. Malcom has been teaching children of all ages for 30 years, and holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.  All Children’s Classes will have an established, uniform curriculum and lesson plans for each month.  All curriculum will be approved on a monthly basis by Jan Hurst. While we at Columbia Dance sadly say goodbye and good luck to Miss Liz, we are extremely excited about our upcoming dance year. We have enthusiastic and excited teachers, ready to apply their skills and talents to keep our Children’s Classes vibrant and alive!


2014 Columbia Dance Spring Gala